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It’s done. I’ve been to the shop and my right nipple is now pierced with a barbell. Let me get the question many people ask taken care of first, and I’ll even be quite blunt about it: fuck yes, it hurt. I have a fairly decent toleration for pain, but this one was all but past my threshold. I’m okay with nipple play, and I’ve had more than one partner bite; this was a new experience. No, I didn’t scream, but I did grunt – loudly. Am I glad I did it? Yep. Will I go back? I’m not sure. While lying on the table I was sure that I no longer want a lorum, but now…. I’ll decide later. Let me say that I think women who have the little guy in the boat pierced are absolutely the bravest creatures on this earth.


The procedure took longer than I expected as everything was autoclaved – including cotton swabs and sets of rubber gloves – before he began. I had to sign a paper that went through the serialization process to prove it has been properly cleaned. The biohazzard area is well defined; I tried hanging my shirt there, but Neal, the piercer, pointed out it wasn’t a good idea at all. He wore a mask and explained the process step by step. He was clear about what to expect – even while marking the path of the barbell with genetin violet. He had me practice deep breathing, and at one point told me to relax and concentrate on my breathing – and slowing my heart rate down. I was a little nervous – okay more than. I knew it was coming, “not on this exhale but the next.” Still it was an experience I won’t soon forget.


Before Neal called me back, I had a wonderful conversation in the waiting room with a woman who was with a friend. Let me explain that Acme is in an old doctor’s office, so there’s a waiting room, and each artist has an exam room where he (or she) does the decoration of your choice. The friend was ahead of me getting a nose piercing. It was nice to have someone to chat with while waiting – especially since she didn’t have any judgement about the art. She has several tattoos herself, and just doesn’t like needles enough to get a piercing – other than her ears.


And I didn’t come gayly home and take to bed either. I went in the music store, bought socks at the running store, went for an ice coffee – very nice on this global warming day. I feasted on authentic enchiladas verdes, tres leche cake, and Jack’s Pumpkin Ale while watching an episode of Lair. It’s been a pretty decent day.

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take from me the painful pleasure

with your feet against the wall

tense the muscles in your thighs

anticipating what’s to come

harken to your master’s voice

deflate my ego by your passion

let your blue eyes urge me on

while your mouth implores me stop

vanquished now by your submission

slay me with your little death

tie me up while i bind you

who’s the master or the slave

give to me the pleasure painful

as my mouth implores you stop

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Newfound Ecstacy

sprinkle me with faery

dust as i bind your to our bed

dance your song

and sing the dance

glad that we’re both men

tangle me in your web

as the candle wax i drop

a kiss upon your ankles

the two backed beast we make

brace the depths

and brace the shores

keeping it in mind

it is my hand what wields the whip

yet i’m the willing slave

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taunt me
with your suave look
and savage repartee
tease me
with your sexual scrum
and psychedelic kiss
dance me
into the heavens
by dragging me to hell
bait me
backward to your will
i’ll be your errant boi
keep me
as the secret
we’ll never tell your wife
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